What impact does our work have on Grant County?

Our goals are to increase parent knowledge of early childhood development, improve parenting practices, provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues, prevent child abuse and neglect, and increase children’s school readiness and school success. Achieving these goals will improve the health and well-being of families in our communities. (SAMHSA).

Investing in children produces significant long-term impacts for individuals and communities. Children who participate in early education programs receive immediate benefits from improved kindergarten readiness and long-term benefits from school success, better employment, and reduced delinquent and criminal behavior. Every year 4 million children are born in the United States; if each of these children participated in a program like Parents as Teachers, more than $17 billion in benefits could be realized.

Ways to Give

Please consider an annual contribution to keep our programs going!


Grants play a pivotal role in enhancing early childhood development in Grant County. They fund initiatives that boost parental knowledge, improve child health, and prevent abuse, directly aligning with our goals. This financial support is crucial for nurturing school readiness and overall family well-being


We are very fortunate to have many individuals and organizations that support our efforts. Donations include cash, food, household items, clothes, toys and books. Each year we receive approximately $6,500 worth of support that is shared with families.

Earned Income

Earned income from our programs significantly contributes to community prosperity. It ensures immediate benefits like improved kindergarten readiness, and long-term advantages such as higher employment rates and reduced criminal behavior, demonstrating the substantial impact of investing in early childhood education.”