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Child Development Information hand delivered to your home?

Frontier Healthy Families Oregon and Parents As Teachers (PAT) can do that for your family. Healthy Families is designed to support qualifying parents and give newborns a “healthy start” in life all in the convenience of your own home and according to your schedule. PAT is for all families. Both programs help relieve some of the stress of having a new baby or multiple children. Parenting is HARD WORK! Lessons are based on your interests and needs. Your Family Support Specialist helps you connect with available community resources and brings learning activities for you to do with your child.

You receive information about your child’s growth and development and what to expect from the stage of development they are at. You will also learn creative ways to care for your child that will support you as you help your child become the very best they can be.

When does this take place?

Your Healthy Families visits begin as soon as you know you are pregnant, or at any time up to the third month following delivery. PAT visits begin at any time you contact us to express interest.

When you enroll an appointment is scheduled with one or both parents. Healthy Families visits continue weekly for six months and can continue until your child is age three. PAT visits can be scheduled according to your wishes (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and continue until your child enters kindergarten.

Let our compassionate, experienced Family Support Specialists help you answer your questions and make the experience of parenting a pleasure.


Happy Children with Easter Eggs

Healthy families make happy children.

Give your baby a Healthy Start.


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